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Comprehensive Litigation & Mediation Services

From Mediation & Arbitration services through California State and Federal Courts, LAW-DOCTOR.COMSM does it all. Based in Los Angeles, California, our supervising attorney has years of experience: litigating and trying cases as an attorney (since 1988); as a Court Appointed Mediator (Family Law); as a Court Appointed Attorney (Paternity); as a Bar Association Fee Dispute Arbitrator (18 years); and as a Superior Court Judge Pro Tem (3 years).

With Law-Doctor.com at your side, you can count on our team to assist with your legal needs in a timely manner and at a cost-effective rate. Working under the direct supervision of an attorney who personally reviews, evaluates, and recommends actions for all client matters, our office has a special exception to Business and Professions Code Section 6400 to not register as a Legal Document or Unlawful Detainer Assistant because we are a subsidiary dba of a law firm, always supervised by an attorney and not defined as independent assistants who can merely offer to prepare your legal documents in a ministerial way where you must select you own legal documents or legal strategy (see Business and Professions Code Section 6400 (d)). Under Business and Professions Code Section 6401, an exception exists to registration as a Legal Document or Unlawful Detainer Assistant where, under subsection (b), "A member of the State Bar of California, or his or her employee, paralegal, or agent, or an independent contractor while acting on behalf of a member of the State Bar."  This means that when using Law-Doctor.com, you are effectively receiving the benefit of a law firm supporting your particular matter. Isn't this better than being 100% your own lawyer trying to navigate one of the most complex and technical systems in our world?

Civil Litigation

We try to keep our services simple for both plaintiffs and defendants, preparing documents to either prosecute or defend in a court of law. In California, clients have a certain amount of time to file their claims (Statute of Limitations) and to respond to claims. As soon as you know that you have a claim against another or receive word that you are a party to any type of litigation, reach out to us immediately for assistance and protection.

Already involved in a lawsuit?  Contact us for discovery needs such as interrogatories, admissions, production of documents, subpoenas, deposition notices.  As your case progresses, different time frames become critical and failure to satisfy a Court ordered date could be irreparable.Law-Doctor.com is here to help with a cost effective approach.

Divorce Paper

Family Law Litigation

In family law cases, Law-Doctor.com offers services to both Petitioners and Respondents. We can assist in preparing Petitions and Responses for Dissolution of Marriage or Legal Separation. Additionally, we offer assistance with child custody, spousal and child support, motions, orders to show cause, and much more.

If you feel the need to step-up your paralegal services and actually meet with a lawyer and/or have an lawyer represent you in Court, we will gladly arrange this for an additional (yet reasonable) fee.

Small Claims Litigation

If an individual is sued, he or she (or a business), is required to timely file an answer and cross-claim, if any. It is critical to let the Judge hearing the case know of your position in advance of the hearing as well as having the right documents prepared as evidence and the correct witnesses subpoenaed.  It can be a lot of leg work but this is what's necessary to win and obtain equity (fairness).  Remember, Small Claims Court does not permit lawyers to represent you and does not have strict evidence rules because it is a Court of fairness.

At Law-Doctor.com., we help our clients do this properly. With attorney-supervised paralegal services, we are the perfect solution for someone who needs to be prepared for court and present the necessary evidence. The fees for assistance with a Small Claims case is always based on a sliding scale, depending on the amount in dispute. For more information, please contact us.

Mediation & Arbitration Services

Law-Doctor.com offers Mediation and Arbitration services for all cases, whether filed in Court or not.  There need not be a filed Court un-filed for there to be a Mediation.  Mediation occurs when a mediator attempts to resolve via settlement a case or a claim claim between two parties after hearing all of the information. It is an informal proceeding held in an office in an attempt to work out the dispute in a fair manner.  A Mediator cannot force the parties to settle.  However, if successful, a matter is resolved through a Settlement Agreement which becomes enforceable by the Court as a contract or, if an existing case through continuing jurisdiction.

An Arbitration is different. This occurs as a result of a contract provision requiring the dispute to be resolved in Arbitration as opposed to going to Court. Additionally, the case may already be in Court and the parties want to short circuit the long time line which is typically required for cases to resolve (e.g. civil cases within two years). In Arbitration, Law-Doctor.com would preside via its supervising attorney and hear evidence in a summary yet thorough manner, resulting in an Arbitration Award. That Award would then become binding, with exception. Essentially, the Arbitrator acts as a private judge.

If you are unsure which applies to your situation, we're happy to help. Judges sometimes have as few as five minutes to hear a case in Small Claims Court.  In the Superior Court, it typically takes a case 12-24 months to make it to trial.  Keep in mind though that statistics show that at least 95% of cases settle before trial.  The question is, whether is it economically better to resolve the dispute earlier or to take longer and pay the attorneys to prosecute or defend the case over 1-2 yrs. plus?  Each case is peculiar to its own facts and the client must make the decision. Certainly though, Mediation and Arbitration allow for quick resolutions to disputes and are cost effective as both parties share the expense.  If done early, the expense may be marginal in comparison to paying lawyers to litigate the case.

Contact us to find out more about alternate dispute resolution (ADR).