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Welcome!  We are an Attorney Supervised Paralegal Service, exclusive to California for Californians, Canadians, and other International clients who need attorney supervised paralegal services for California State or U.S.A. Federal matters.  We offer affordable legal document preparation or attorney services to individuals and Small Businesses (e.g. incorporation or trademark). Our origin resulted from an impending need for effective legal services at reduced rates.  Before Law-Doctor.com the marketplace offered individuals either do-it-yourself services (whether on-line or from a Legal Document Assistant), or attorney services, with nothing in between.

Our fees and costs are substantially less than what you would pay at a law firm, we know, we are a dba subsidiary of a law firm.  While no one in their right mind would counsel against using a lawyer, economic realities sometimes dictate other paths. Not everyone has the ability to pay for a lawyer. This is where Law-Doctor.com can assist. Our services are all attorney supervised.  While our Paralegals cannot and will not give legal advice, our supervising attorney is licensed by the State Bar of California since 1988 with volumes of experiences in the legal world to assist you in best addressing your particular situation.

At Law-Doctor.com, your situation is personally reviewed by our supervising attorney and all work performed on your behalf is reviewed for correctness. We offer a money back guaranty for all of our work. This means that if we commit an error, you get a refund, period. This is an unheard of guaranty for any legal service provider.

Services are offered either on-line or through a personal visit to our beautiful office in Los Angeles. Here, we put more than 25 years of experience to work for our clients every day.

Each client is valued at Law-Doctor.com and LawDoctor.ca where we strive to give you the work and counsel you need at a price you can afford.

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Fast, Convenient Paralegal Services

Gavel and Book

At LAW-DOCTOR.COMSM, we provide convenient and economical services and support for litigation. Whether you are a Plaintiff, Defendant, Cross-Complainant or Cross-Defendant, we can help. We can prepare Complaints, Answers, Declarations, Motions and briefing. Additionally, we offer preparation of Discovery whether propounding or responding.

With an agreement of the parties to a conflict to submit the matter to Mediation (settlement meeting with a Mediator) or Arbitration (Hearing with evidence before an Arbitrator), Law-Doctor.com will have its supervising attorney effectively address the conflict towards settlement or award. These informal proceedings may avoid the expense and delay of going to Court, possibly avoiding the hiring opponent lawyers. Our supervising attorney is a formerly nominated Municipal Court Judge in Orange County, an Arbitrator for eighteen years, and a Judge Pro Tem for three years. In addition, our supervising attorney has dozens of trials and years of experience to benefit resolving your dispute timely, effectively, informally, and out of a public Courtroom.  

It is our goal to offer an everyday option for everyday individuals by combining cost-effectiveness with attorney supervised paralegal services resulting in high-quality work.

Litigation & Mediating
Legal Document


Estate Planning tools including an option for a free Statutory Will (no purchase necessary), Custom Will, Trust, Durable Power of Attorney, and Pour Over Will, are all a focal points of Law-Doctor.com.

Additionally, services are available for Family Law Dissolution of Marriage Petitions and Responses, Legal Separation, Schedules, Order to Show Cause, and Motion hearings. Discovery mechanisms such as interrogatories, Requests for Admission, Demand for Production of Documents, and Deposition Notices and Subpoenas are also available.

Various business and personal contracts are offered at incredibly reasonable rates. If we do not maintain the model agreement you need, we will have one custom drafted by our supervising attorney at no additional fee. An example of standard written business agreements include Independent Contractor or Non-Disclosure Agreements. Small Businesses may also require Leases,  Agreements, or Memorandums of Understanding (MOU).

We provide reliable paralegals to prepare and organize your documents under a lawyer's supervision, ensuring that the final product is polished and well-organized.

Trusts, Contracts, & Documents


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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We Serve Clients from California, Canada, or other International communities. All services are performed in California and provide for State and/or Federal documents.

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